SIG has pronounced their MCX Rattler as the most “discreet platform” ever made and with an overall length of just 23.5 inches, the Rattler SBR is nothing if not discreet. The Rattler is part of SIG’s MCX line of rifles/pistols. The SIG SAUER Rattler is the smallest production rifle-caliber pistol in the world. It is also the ideal bug-out gun. The gun needs to be an effective social tool that can do double duty as a hunting arm. The best survival weapon is the one you never have to shoot.

Pictures don’t do the Rattler justice. You have to hold one to understand just how small this rifle really is. My previous idea of what I considered a compact weapon system to be was my beloved DD MK18. Well, that idea was completely obliterated when I compared it to the Rattler. This is my new standard for a compact rifle. A standard that will be hard-pressed to beat, while maintaining reliability. Don’t let its short stature fool you, this thing is not as light as you would think. The stripped-down SBR version of the Rattler weighs in at 5.7 pounds. Now, we all know stripped down versions just aren’t going to cut it, so after adding a Trijicon MRO, SIG SRD 762 QD can, a Magpul vertical grip, a Parker Mountain Machines BCD, and don’t forget a fully-loaded magazine of 220-grain subsonic rounds, we have ourselves a stout 9.4-pound setup.

Yes, you heard that right, the fully kitted out Rattler weighs only four ounces less than my 18-inch AR with 1-8x scope, bipod, and a loaded magazine. All of that being said, the Rattler is built like a tank, and being as compact as it is, it’s quite easy to maneuver. With all the weight of the Rattler closer to your body, you seemingly don’t even notice it while shooting the weapon.

The machining and attention to detail with the SIG MCX Rattler SBR are immaculate. Pair that with the consistent black nitride finish, and there’s nothing to complain about with the appearance of this firearm. Now that we have gotten the weight and appearance out of the way, let’s work our way from stock to muzzle. The SBR version comes with an ultra-thin skeletonized aluminum side folding stock. The stock has a very rugged and sturdy feel to it and locks up solidly in both the extended and folded positions.


If you’re the type to worry about haphazardly knocking your side-folder around, you have nothing to worry about. Folding the stock requires some upward pressure which I found only happens if you want it to. The pad on the rear of the stock does its job just fine. It’s tacky enough to stay put in your shoulder while firing, but not overly tacky to the point of snagging on everything it comes in contact with. If you love a multitude of QD attachment options, SIG has you covered with three QD locations on the Rattler. You come across your first one on the rear of the stock, just in front of the butt pad. Moving down from the stock, we come to the Rattlers receivers and your second QD cup.

While the lower receiver is similar to that of an AR-15’s receiver, the Rattler has some substantial differences in its PDW upper receiver. If you’re not familiar with SIG’s MCX line of rifles, they don’t use a standard AR pattern buffer tube which gives you the ability to fold the stock. The recoil of the Rattler is controlled by dual buffer springs which ride in channels running along either side of the upper receiver.

SIG Sauer MCX Rattle SBR 300

The Rattler does not come equipped with a forward assist. Love it or hate it, it’s not there and being as I’ve never used one in ten years of shooting AR’s, I’m not concerned. The case deflector, staying true to the gun’s compact nature, has also been trimmed down. It functions as a normal case deflector should, but sticks out from the upper noticeably less.

The upper receiver also extends nearly the full length of the rifle, allowing it to be incredibly strong. The lower is quite similar to that of an AR-15, controls are nearly 100% ambidextrous except for the bolt release.

The safety selectors on the Rattler are quite nice, the left side selector is a standard size while the right side has a shortened switch to not interfere with your shooting finger (assuming you’re right-handed). The travel in the safety selector is smooth and consistent and the lockup at firing positions is firm and audible. The magazine release on the right side of the receiver is textured and elongated and makes it hard to miss with an extended firing finger. The left side magazine release is similar to the size of a standard AR-15 magazine release and is equally simple to actuate with an extended left-handed firing finger.

Unlike several ambidextrous magazine releases I have tried, the Rattler’s magazine releases function equally. Both are easily depressed, and both drop the magazine freely each time. The bolt release is the one control that you won’t find on both sides of the rifle, however, they did upgrade it in an attempt to make you forget the other side doesn’t have one. The release has the feel of your standard AR bolt release, with a substantially larger surface area. The one main difference you will see is the leg on the lower portion of the bolt release. I like this feature as it makes it a little easier to lock the bolt to the rear. Although the Parker Mountain Machine BCD makes it a whole lot easier.

As far as controls go, SIG truly did think of everything when designing this firearm. The fitment between the lower and upper receivers is perfect. There is virtually no wobble and all the lines run together in perfect unison. The upper and lower receivers are both 7075 aluminum, which is what all manufacturers should use in my opinion. The charging handle on the Rattler is ambidextrous and functions as you would expect, I’ll say it’s good, just not great. I can’t exactly ding the Rattler for its charging handle at it keeps with the sleek and compact language of the gun. However, I would have liked to have seen extended latches.

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