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Sig Sauer MPX K for Sale .  SIG MPX K for sale is a groundbreaking design in the sub-gun platform with unmatched resilience in extreme CQB or competition-level shooting scenarios. With its short-stroke gas piston system, fouling and recoil are reduced, and its closed bolt design delivers optimum safety, all in a compact, highly modular package. The 9mm SIG MPX pistol features AR-style ambidextrous controls, a monolithic upper with an integrated M1913 Picatinny rail, a free-floating KeyMod or M-LOK handguard, an easily changeable carbon steel barrel, and choices among several telescoping, folding stocks. Omaha Outdoors takes customization to an epic level with the MPX John Wick version from TTI, as well as models in Cerakote finishes like FDE, Coyote, and Knights Templar Battle Born, all available to you for an affordable SIG MPX price. The specific make and model of gun that is being referred to here is the SIG Sauer MPX. At first glance, it certainly looks like a submachine gun, but in reality, it’s just a semi-automatic pistol with the magazine located in the front of the trigger guard.

This gun was made by SIG Sauer with the intended purpose of being used for self-defense and home defense. It’s a shorter gun than a shotgun, rifle, or even a carbine, and yet it has a much greater magazine capacity than any traditional pistols like a Glock 17 or Beretta 92FS. The MPX is also heavier than a traditional pistol, which helps make it more controllable to tame recoil.

The MPX also comes installed with a Picatinny rail across the top of the firearm for you to add a red dot or a laser of some kind. The quick detachment sling mount on the gun also enables you to carry it with a single-point sling.

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The MPX also uses a short-stroke piston system, in contrast to the blowback or direct impingement systems that are more popular. The advantage to using a short-stroke piston system is it helps keep the gun cleaner after extended firing sessions, which also, in turn, helps with reliability. The controls of the MPX, as you will notice when you first pick it up, are incredibly similar to the AR-15. This is good for training purposes because using the MPX effectively won’t be that much different from an AR-15. Nonetheless, the MPX is not an AR that has been scaled down to accept the 9mm round. There’s still a learning curve to it as it is its own unique platform.One specific variant of the SIG Sauer MPX is the MPX PSB (which stands for pistol stabilizing brace). This is designed to help make the MPX a pistol caliber short-barreled rifle in a sort of way.

The SIG Arm Brace that the MPX PSB ships with the gun. The braced is secured to a folding hinge, which in turn is attached to the MPX via a Picatinny rail located at the rear of the receiver. Shooting the MPX PSB when you have the arm braced velcroed over your arm means that there is very little movement in the stock, which translates to easier firing and better controllability.

One negative point about the MPX PSB is that it does not ship with iron sights, but this is something that you can remedy on your own (with added costs, of course)

MPX-K PSB Controls & Features

The safety is located in the AR-15/M16 position, and the gun has the same grip angle, making its use very familiar to anyone who has trained with the 5.56 platform. Additionally, the safety, magazine release and bolt release are all ambidextrous and can be operated from either side of the weapon. Also, I found the right-side bolt release to be perfectly positioned for activation with my right-hand trigger finger, and it didn’t require much pressure to drop the bolt. Sig also ships the MPX-K PSB with one 30-round, translucent polymer magazine with reinforced feed lips.

For targeting, Sig sent me a ROMEO3 miniature reflex sight. The provided graphite high mount positioned the sight perfectly on the gun’s top rail. I like it a lot! It’s fast and easy to pick up, and the dot’s intensity can also be adjusted for any lighting situation. Its relatively small 3-MOA dot allows for precision yet is still extremely fast for the eye to acquire. One interesting feature of the ROMEO3 is that is has a motion-activated illumination system that powers up when it senses motion and powers down when the gun isn’t being handled. The housing utilizes machined aluminum, and it is also waterproof. It uses a QD mount that made it easy for me to find the perfect position for it on the MPX-K PSB’s top rail, and the whole unit weighs just 4.4 ounces.

Range Time

I started by testing the MPX-K PSB by shooting groups at 25 yards, but they were so unbelievably small that I moved my target out to 50 yards. For these longer shots I mounted a Trijicon 1-4x24mm AccuPoint scope and dialed up the magnification so I could get an indication of the pistol’s true mechanical accuracy.

I fired all of the groups from my DOA Tactical portable shooting bench and used a rifle rest for support. Unfortunately, the length of the 30-round magazine made it impossible to use the rest with it locked in place. So, I loaded and chambered each round from the magazine, removed it and fired a single shot. The groups ran from just over 1 inch to 1.5 inches, with the average of all loads being just 1.25 inches! Remember, this is a handgun with a 4.5-inch barrel, so this kind of accuracy is pretty incredible.

The trigger pull on my test gun was a crisp 5.5 pounds. It was consistent and predictable, and I had no problem at all shooting tight groups. It also had a very firm reset, and that was a big help in shooting the gun rapidly.

I set up my MGM BC-C Zone steel target at 15 yards and used a PACT electronic timer to measure my splits, or time between shots, firing double-taps. Using Sig’s 124-grain FMJ rounds, I found that I could place both hits on target in less than 0.16 seconds. Shooting with both eyes open and the ROMEO3 dot set so I could easily find it even in the bright sunlight, it was an easy matter to double-tap the steel at this distance, without failure, even when pushing for speed. The Sig is so controllable that the little 3-MOA dot never moved off target.

Flawless Fighter

I fired over 300 rounds during my evaluation and didn’t have a single failure of any kind. I used +P ammo and bullet weights from 77 grains up to 150 grains, and the MPX-K PSB chewed them up and spit them out. Also, even the cheap 115- grain FMJ range fodder ran fine in the handgun!

The Sig MPX-K PSB is an impressive pistol! Its short-stroke gas system and rotating bolt make it controllable, light on recoil and extremely accurate. Its ability to place a large number of rounds on target in a rapid manner is impressive. Moreover, in the right hands, this is a devastating weapon, and its small size makes the MPX-K PSB an easily concealable PDW. The MPX line continues to expand, with the likes of ultra-compact SIG Copperhead leading the way. There simply is no slowing down the MPX series.


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